Jewelry Set

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Jt Silver Double Full Eternity Rings with Zirconia

Full eternity rings. A wonderful combination of 2 all-round rings, one with fuchsia and the other ..

49.00€ 39.20€ Ex Tax: 31.61€

AD Silver band ring set with silver beads

Handmade statement double dome ring from sterling silver 925o. The ring is open at its bottom and ..

99.00€ 81.00€ Ex Tax: 65.32€

AD Set of 2 sterling silver tube rings

Set of rings that consists of 2 handmade plain tube rings from silver 925o with polished finishing..

70.00€ 63.00€ Ex Tax: 50.81€

RNG Gold plated silver tube ring with waves

Set with 2 statement handmade gold plated silver 925o tube rings with waves, ideal for you ring fi..

79.00€ 71.50€ Ex Tax: 57.66€

VFJ Silver quadruple set of hummerd rings

Sterling silver hummerd wedding rings. A wonderful combination of 4 wedding rings, one made of sil..

120.00€ 89.00€ Ex Tax: 71.77€

Jt Set of 2 gold steel tube rings with waves, ring finger & chevalie

Set with 2 wide tube rings from golden stainless steel with curves, ideal for you ring finger or C..

27.00€ 24.30€ Ex Tax: 19.60€

Jt Stainless steel thick riviera necklace & bracelet set

Women’s thick riviera necklace and bracelet set with white crystals and stainless steel that doesn't..

47.50€ 42.70€ Ex Tax: 34.44€

AD Set of 3 Steel Nostril Hoop Rings 8mm

Set of 3 unisex hoop nostril rings from stainless steel with an 8mm diameter and 0.6mm thickness. An..

4.50€ Ex Tax: 3.63€

Sibalba Set Macrame Black Grey Brown Men's Bracelet

Set od 3 handmade men’s macrame bracelet made of black, grey and brown wax cord. They fluctuate in s..

36.00€ 31.50€ Ex Tax: 25.40€

Jt Silver Infinity Macrame Friendship Bracelet

Handmade set of two infinity March friendship bracelets. The bracelets are made of black rhodium ste..

24.00€ Ex Tax: 19.35€

Jt Silver Infinity Macrame Couple Bracelet

Handmade set of two infinity March couples' bracelets. The bracelets are made of black rhodium sterl..

24.00€ Ex Tax: 19.35€

Jt Silver Bound Circles Couples Bracelets

Express your love with this special and personal gift! Handmade bound circles bracelets for couples...

42.00€ Ex Tax: 33.87€