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Find your size

There are two ways to measure your size.

  1. Use a ruler to measure the inner diameter of one of your rings (note: do not count the thickness of the ring itself), then match the measurement with one of the circles. If you find any difficulties you can type the measurement in “Comments” area box, right to your personal details on ordering page.

Important note: Measurement should be in centimeter. To calculate inches to centimeters use the following link

  1. Before printing A4 size page make sure that the “adjust to page” option is disabled so that the print out will be in actual size dimensions.

Put over the printed picture a ring that fits you and find the appropriate size. Pay attention so that the inner side of the ring to be attached with the inner size of the inner ring circle. If you are in between two sizes, choose the largest.

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The most reliable way to find out your rind size is to measure your finger size with the ring sizing jewelry tool.