Due to huge amount of work for the delivery companies, deliveries will be delayed, especially in Attica and Thessaloniki. Thank you for understanding.


Are you having trouble deciding what gifts you' re getting for your loved ones? Send a giftcard fast and easy

How are you going to do that?

  1. You click here
  2. You fill in your full name, your email address, the receiver's full name and his/her email address.
  3. You write your message of choice P.e. 'Happy birthday my dear! I wish you to be forever happy! Love, Alice'
  4. You fill in the amount of your choice from 10€-350€. You add the gift-card in your basket and complete your purchase as you would with any product.
  5. Right after we receive your order, we will check the payment and as soon as we confirm it the gift-card will be sent to the receiver.


That simple! ????


Useful information

  • Gift-cards are prepaid, so you don't have the "Cash on Delivery" choice.
  • The gift-card is for one use only, that means that if the amount is not used in one purchase, the remaining amount is zeroed. P.e. If I purchase jewelry worth of 40€ + 2€ for delivery but my gift-card is worth 45€ the remaining 3€ are zeroed.
  • If the worth of the jewelry that the receiver wants to purchase is bigger than the gift-card's, he/she can pay the difference. P.e. If my gift-card is 25€ and I want to buy jewelry worth of 40€ + 2€ for delivery + 1€ for Cash on Delivery (if I want Cash on Delivery), then I pay the 18€ difference(15€ for the jewelry difference +2€ for delivery +1€ for Cash on Delivery)

The email the receiver is going to get will be something like this: