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Fl Big Silver Red Rose Flower Leverback Earrings

 Handmade silver leverback earrings large red roses from synthetic coral on a hoop with a safety cli..

24.00€ Ex Tax: 19.35€

Fl Golden stud rose earrings

Handmade gold stud earrings with golden synthetic roses and bows from olive-green velvet hanging on ..

22.00€ Ex Tax: 17.74€

Fl Large Silver Red Rose Flower Stud Earrings

Handmade large stud silver earrings red roses with synthetic coral and silver 925o. A great women's ..

16.50€ Ex Tax: 13.31€

Fl Silver Red & Blue FIMO Rose Flower Stud Earrings

 Handmade silver earrings red and light blue roses with FIMO and silver 925o. A great women' s jewel..

12.00€ Ex Tax: 9.68€

Jt Green Opal Rose Flower Silver Earrings

Handmade jewelry, silver green flowers earrings with synthetic opal and brown velvet - Prices inc..

22.00€ Ex Tax: 17.74€

Jt Stud Silver Purple Flower Earrings

Handmade silver stud earrings with purple synthetic flowers, a purple crystal and bow from burgundy ..

22.00€ Ex Tax: 17.74€

Jt Black Onyx Flower Silver Cluster Earrings

- Prices include 24% VAT - Produced at request. - Free shipping for orders over 49€ within Greec..

45.00€ Ex Tax: 36.29€

Jt Gold Plated Silver Petrol Flower Drop Earrings

Handmade petrol flower drop earrings with enamel, pearls and gold plated silver 925o. A unique flora..

24.50€ Ex Tax: 19.76€

Jt Gold plated silver red coral rose bracelet

Handmade gold plated silver rose bracelet with crystals, synthetic red coral and black rubber cord w..

14.00€ Ex Tax: 11.29€

Jt Gold Plated Silver Red Rose Stud Earrings

Handmade red rose stud earrings with synthetic coral and gold plated silver 925o. The flowers may ha..

22.00€ Ex Tax: 17.74€

Jt Large Silver Red Coral Rose Flower Stud Earrings

Large handmade silver red rose earrings with synthetic coral and silver 925o. A beautiful women's je..

14.00€ Ex Tax: 11.29€

Jt Purple amethyst rose silver necklace with crystals

Handmade jewelry, platinum plated silver purple rose necklace 925o with crystals, synthetic amethyst..

20.00€ Ex Tax: 16.13€