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Jt Silver Gold Hoop Earrings with Bordeaux Turquoise

Handmade gold plated silver earings 925o with wrapped around them burgundy agates 3mm passed in red ..

54.00€ 40.50€ Ex Tax: 32.66€

Jt Silver Hoop Earrings with Turquoise

Handmade sterling silver hoops earrings  with small turquoise stones 3mm wrapped around them on a bl..

53.70€ 40.27€ Ex Tax: 32.48€

Jt Blue Lapis Swarovski silver hook earrings

Handmade silver hook earrings with gold plated oval dark blue Lapis Lazouli with Swarovski crystal ..

44.00€ Ex Tax: 35.48€

Jt Gold Plated Silver Swarovski Lily Earrings

Handmade gold plated silver lilies earrings  with leather, ending in thin black fishing line with pe..

43.75€ 35.00€ Ex Tax: 28.23€

Jt Silver earrings gray Swarovski with tassel

Handmade sterling silver earrings with gray polyhedral round Swarovski crystals18mm on asilver hook ..

54.25€ 43.44€ Ex Tax: 35.03€

Jt Silver Rose Hoop Earrings with Lace and Swarovski

Handmade Sterling Silver Earrings 925o with  green and  pink lace and organza  and pink swarovski cr..

59.00€ 34.80€ Ex Tax: 28.06€

Krini Silver Double Coloured Hook Earrings with Swarovski

Handmade jewelry, silver earrings with Swarovski crystals in transparent line. The earrings are diff..

52.50€ 39.30€ Ex Tax: 31.69€

Jt Rose Silver Ethnic Dangle Earrings

Handmade ethnic hook earrings made of 925 sterling silver with rose gold plating and black platinum...

44.10€ 33.00€ Ex Tax: 26.61€

Jt Stainless steel single ear climber earring

Impressive single earring ear climber that hugs the ear, from stainless steel and white crystals. Th..

14.00€ Ex Tax: 11.29€

Jt Rose gold stainless steel single ear climber earring

Impressive single earring ear climber that hugs the ear, from rose gold stainless steel and white cr..

14.00€ Ex Tax: 11.29€

Jt Small Stainless Steel hoop earrings with crystals 1.6cm

Hoop earrings small ‘theta’ Cartier Love style from stainless steel outer diameter 1.6cm, inner diam..

19.50€ Ex Tax: 15.73€

Jt Steel hoop earrings rose gold 'theta' with crystals 2cm

Hoop earrings 'theta' Cartier Love style from rose gold stainless steel outer diameter 2cm, inner di..

22.50€ Ex Tax: 18.15€