Summer Bracelets

Handmade summer bracelets. Seashell bracelets, macrame bracelets, beaded bracelets and many more

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Jt Bronze set with seashells bracelets

Summer set of jewel wich includes a seashell gold plated bronze bracelet, a seashell bracelet made o..

39.00€ 35.50€ Ex Tax: 28.63€

Jt Gold plated bronze bracelet evil eye with seashells

Statement handmade summer evil eye bracelet with seashells made of gold plated bronze! The dimension..

20.00€ 18.00€ Ex Tax: 14.52€

Jt Statement bronze bracelet with black and white seashells

Statement handmade summer white and black seashells bracelet made of bronze! The dimensions seashell..

13.00€ 11.70€ Ex Tax: 9.44€

Jt Statement silver plated bronze bracelet seashells

Statement handmade summer seashells bracelet made of silver plated bronze! The dimensions of seashel..

13.00€ 11.70€ Ex Tax: 9.44€

Jt Statement gold plated bronze bracelet 'double seashells'

Statement handmade summer seashells bracelet made of gold plated bronze! The dimensions of gold seas..

18.00€ 16.20€ Ex Tax: 13.06€

Jt Gold plated bronze urchin bracelet with seashells

Handmade summer sea urchin bracelet with seashells made of gold plated bronze! The diameter of urchi..

13.00€ 11.70€ Ex Tax: 9.44€

Jt Gold Bronze and white Seashells bracelet

Handmade jewelry, boho style bracelet made of golden wax string, gold plated bronze seashells and wh..

13.00€ 11.70€ Ex Tax: 9.44€

Jt Bronze Beaded Boho Macrame Bracelet with Coins

Set consisting of 3 handmade ethnic beaded bracelets with colorful beads and gold plated bronze coin..

26.00€ 19.00€ Ex Tax: 15.32€

Jt Elastic Bead Boho bracelet with natural materials

Handmade elastic beaded bracelet with wooden, murano and ceramic beads and rose tassel - Prices i..

9.00€ 6.80€ Ex Tax: 5.48€