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Jt Gold velvet eye bracelet black

Unique handmade blue  eye bracelet from gold plated bronze and enamel on a black, soft, velvet cord ..

19.80€ 17.80€ Ex Tax: 14.35€

Jt Gold plated burgundy evil eye bracelet

 Unique handmade burgundy evil eye charm bracelet made of gold-plated bronze, enamel and burgundy, s..

19.80€ 17.80€ Ex Tax: 14.35€

Jt Silver 2021 Christmas charm woman's bracelet

Handmade silver Christmas 2021 charm bracelet with a pendant made from gold-plated silver 925o, a si..

12.40€ 11.00€ Ex Tax: 8.87€

AD Discrete Gold Bracelet Crown on Black Cord

 Discrete handmade gold bracelet crown from gold-plated silver 925o through a double black cord with..

20.80€ Ex Tax: 16.77€

AD Stainless steel cuff bracelet

The handcuff is open on the bottom side and can be adjusted in size. Wear in on its own or with othe..

19.90€ Ex Tax: 16.05€

Jt Steel Bracelet with Pink Tear Crystals

Discrete steel bracelet chain with 5 pink tear shaped crystals and stainless steel. It fits on thin ..

12.80€ Ex Tax: 10.32€

AD Women's Bracelet Chain Paperclip Style Steel Thin

Unique women's steel chain bracelet paperclip style , thin 4mm in width and 0.8mm thick from stainle..

9.50€ Ex Tax: 7.66€

AD Women's Bracelet Chain Gold Paparclip Steel Thick

Unique and impressive gold women’s bracelet paperclip style, 7mm width from stainless steel.The chai..

12.50€ Ex Tax: 10.08€

AD Women's Steel Chain Paperclip Bracelet Thick

Unique and impressive steel women’s bracelet paperclip style, 7mm width from stainless steel.The cha..

11.50€ Ex Tax: 9.27€

Jt Stainless steel unisex cuban gold chain bracelet 11mm

A classic unisex cuban style chain bracelet 11mm from stainless steel. The bracelet doesn’t get blac..

14.50€ Ex Tax: 11.69€

Jt Stainless steel riviera bracelet with white crystals

Women's bracelet riviera heart with white crystals and stainless steel that doesn't darken. The main..

19.50€ Ex Tax: 15.73€

Jt Stainless steel cuban style chain bracelet 0.9cm

A classic women’s cuban style chain ring 0.9 cm from stainless steel that doesn’t get black. No 1 fa..

14.50€ Ex Tax: 11.69€